Your Franchise: Trimming the fat and slimming down for summer

The weather is getting warmer and for many people, that means shedding excess pounds. Even if you’re not worried about getting that perfect beach body, the summer is a great time to “trim the fat” on your franchise operations or if you’re thinking about franchising a business, to streamline your franchise materials as you embark on your franchising journey.
The summer is an excellent time to review your business’s operations and materials and look for inefficiencies and excess. Here are some ways you can slim down- without ever setting foot in a gym.

Franchise operations manuals and training materials: When was the last time you updated your franchise manuals and employee training materials? Do you have outdated forms? Duplicate forms? Take some time to get organized and be sure that your franchisees have an updated, easy-to-use operations manual suite and that your training materials are relevant and current.

Franchise website: When was the last time you updated your website? Are your hours still the same? Have you included links to social media? Have you posted information about upcoming events, new PR, added franchise locations, etc.? Be sure that your product and/or service menu and marketing information are up to date.
Franchise marketing materials: This time is a great time to give your franchise marketing materials the once-over. Is the message you are displaying updated and fully aligned with your brand? Are you mentioning your most recent PR? Are the graphics and design fresh and appealing? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it is time to rewrite marketing copy and/or update the design of your franchise marketing materials. For assistance, contact our team of world-class franchise manual writers.

Overall, all of your franchise-related materials should communicate a uniform and current themsummerfitness
eight” off your shoulder this summer and contact us today!


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