The Only Thing That is Constant Is Change: Tips for staying current in our hi-tech world

As I type this article, I glance out my window. The Arizona sun is shining bright and already our temps are climbing up close to triple digits. Soon, summer will give way to fall and the change of seasons will be complete.

As Franchise Consultants, it is essential that we embrace change and remain current. We must continue to push ourselves and our franchise business tools forward in today’s ever changing environment. This is no small feat, but it is certainly manageable with planning and organization.

Here are 5 tips for staying current in our hi-tech world:

  1. Follow Blogs: Franchising blogs offer great advice and tips for franchising best practices as well as allow readers to get their questions answered. At Upside Group, our franchise business blog is full of valuable advice.
  1. Join Online Industry Groups: These groups can offer not just a chance to network with similar businesses and vendors, but also provide current industry reports and other valuable data.
  1. Subscribe to Product Newsletters: Product newsletters can help you get to know more about your products as well as learn about new products that are coming out
  1. Attend Technology Conferences: Changing technology can be overwhelming for even the most tech-savvy user. Check out a technology conference or class in your area for hands-on training.
  1. Monitor Relevant Social Media Pages: Social media is about listening as much as it is about broadcasting your message. By following industry and product pages, you can be better informed as to how other products and services can best be utilized within your franchise business.


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