The Importance of Hiring a Consultant

When people ask me what I do for a living, and I tell them that I work for a franchise consulting company, they are often very intrigued- and a little bit confused. Sure, they understand what we do, but oftentimes people don’t understand why our services are so important. They typically ask the same general question: “Why hire a consultant if a business owner can pretty much do everything themselves?” There are many reasons. The first would be the obvious: the amount of paperwork required to legally franchise a business can be overwhelming and confusing to even the most seasoned business owner. Aside from that, there are multiple other reasons.

Chuck Williams, dean of business at Butler University in Indianapolis states that consultants are crucial for businesses in crisis. “Whatever the size of your company, consultants can be valuable for five reasons.”  The reasons include skills and methodology, an objective third-person viewpoint, the ability to articulate opinions that others might be afraid to say, a climb up the resource mountain, and effective implementation. Some ways that Upside Group Franchise Consulting can help your business include:

Skills and methodology: Franchise consultants have decades worth of experience franchising businesses of all types. Our processes, solutions, methods, and existing resources are things that we have spent years crafting.

An objective third-person viewpoint: Oftentimes business owners are too close to their companies and have a personal connection to their employees, processes, products, vendors, etc. As outsiders, we can objectively look at your business processes and suggest ways to increase efficiency and save you (and future franchisees) time, money, and effort. Consultants can make recommendations and decisions based on logic, facts, information, and reason rather than letting personal feelings or emotions get involved in the process.

The ability to articulate opinions that others might be afraid to say: It is always hard for a business owner to admit that they don’t know something or that they are struggling. Consultants, as objective third parties, can better bring this to light without worrying about offending others.

A climb up the resource mountain: Consultants not only have years of knowledge, skills, and practical experience, but also have access to reputable vendors, suppliers, and other franchising professionals, connections which all ultimately benefit franchisors and franchisees.

Effective implementation: Franchise consultants have a vast amount of experience  not just designing franchising operational and marketing plans, but also implementing the plans. At Upside Group, we work with our clients to develop and implement our early interest programs and techniques as well as our sales strategy.

Think of franchise consultants as tour guides taking clients on an exciting safari. Much like a safari, it can be a fun experience, but you probably shouldn’t go at it alone!

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