Accepting (and even embracing) change

Change can be hard for anyone- especially when franchising a business. All of the steps, processes, and tasks can seem overwhelming and confusing. Don’t worry- while the franchising process can seem like a lot at once, in reality, it is one of the best things that you can do for yourself and your family. Here are some ideas for dealing with change:

  • Take a step back and try to put things in perspective. In the grand scheme of things, this might be a busy time in your life, but it’s probably not the worst (or most stressful) time of your life. By taking a deep breath and realizing that this change will too pass, you’ll be more able to see the road ahead.
  • View the change as an opportunity rather than a barrier. Yes, the process can be tough, but the end result is that you’ll have not just unlimited opportunity for growth, but also a stronger sense of your business.
  • Be open to things you might learn. As franchise consultants, we are always sharing best practices with our clients regarding operations, marketing, and sales. Think about the franchising process as continuing education that will last a lifetime.
  • Find out how to manage your stress. For some people it involves working out. For others, it involves spending time with their family. Take at least five hours out of your week where you step away from work and do something that you enjoy.
  • Focus on the moment, don’t think too far ahead. Our franchising process and system is designed a certain way for a reason. By compartmentalizing each step and building on one another, it makes it easier to see the system as a series of manageable steps rather than an overwhelming endeavor.

Follow these tips and in no time at all, you’ll find yourself spending more and more time franchising your business or running a franchise and less and less time checking out Facebook!

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