• The Importance of the Supply Chain and Choosing the Right Vendor

    Franchise businesses purchase all kinds of goods, materials, and services almost daily from third party vendors. Some products are purchased regularly (i.e. food for a restaurant franchise business) and some are purchased less frequently (i.e. pest control, carpet cleaning, etc.). Most franchise businesses simply use either the vendor that was recommended by their corporate office or a vendor that they found in the yellow pages. Maybe they just use a vendor that a neighboring business uses.

  • Why is Franchising a Great Opportunity for Veterans?

    The VetFran project is an initiative between the Small Business Administration and several other private sources of lending, most notably BoeFly, who help secure loans for vets who are wishing to open a franchise.

  • The Importance of Active Listening in Franchise Businesses
    Don't leave your customers feeling like this!

    Everyone knows that you should listen to your customers, but very few people seem to understand what active listening is. Active listening is important not just for franchise business owners, but for all franchise employees.

  • Making the Leap into Franchising: Why more and more people are choosing to open their own franchise

    As the economy slowly begins to recover, there are two sides to the coin. First off, the good news is that Americans are once again beginning to spend more of their disposable income on dining out, gym memberships, and other recreational activities. On the other hand, many people are still unemployed, underemployed, or deal with the nagging worry that their company might be the next to go under, eliminating their job and possibly their retirement savings.

  • Franchises Show Customers Love with Valentine’s Day Specials!

    With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s not just jewelry businesses that are cashing in. Franchise businesses across every industry are capitalizing on this special day. While most people assume that Valentine’s Day is the exclusive purview of romantic partners, commercialization has turned it into a day that’s open for interpretation- whether you choose to spend it with your significant other, friends, family, or even by yourself.

  • Home-Based Franchising Systems on the Rise

    It’s no secret that almost everyone wants to work from home. While there are many legitimate jobs that involve working from home, there are a great deal of pyramid schemes, scams, and frivolous jobs that could end up costing way more as an initial investment than a return. When most people think of home-based businesses, they picture a nice housewife selling Mary Kay, Scentsy candles, or the latest nutritional supplement to their friends.

  • Social Media Marketing Done Right: Upside Group Client Amenzone
    Social Media Marketing Done Right

    Social media marketing is the new generation of marketing and promotion of your business. You probably already knew that. Even

  • Upside Group Franchise Consulting Newsletter Vol. 4, Issue 7
    Upside Group Franchise

    You can always look forward to our Newsletter filled with various topics including franchise sales, franchise operations, administrative techniques, franchise

  • The History of Franchising in the United States
    The History of Franchising

    Whether sales, marketing, or management, our Upside Group franchising consultants answer key franchise questions every day. And while many questions

  • Pay-Per-Click Basics
    Pay-Per-Click Basics

    Here at Upside Group, our experienced franchise consultants know: with the beginning of the franchising process comes a series of

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