Mature Services

Even the sturdiest trees continue to branch out. We have helped dozens of mature franchisors take their growth to the next level through our targeted marketing approaches, proprietary sales techniques, and more. As a mature franchisor, defined as a franchisor that has over 15 franchisees, you obviously have developed a system that works. You have experienced significant growth and probably have some name recognition by now. Perhaps you are even looking to expand internationally by this point.

This is a very exciting time, but you are also probably realizing that there are many challenges involved with managing a great deal of franchisees over a large geographical area. You might be feeling overwhelmed by all of your franchise training, marketing, legal, financial, and operational obligations. Our franchise experts provide a variety of services that begin with evaluating your current system and finessing your operational plans and client and marketing deliverables.

While other franchise consultancies may provide “piecemeal” deliverables and services, all of our systems, components, and modules fit together like the pieces of a puzzle while systematically building on one another. Our interactive modules are designed to immerse franchisors and franchisees in the franchising process.

Our Franchise System: Systematically taking your franchise to the next level

Our entire franchising system is guided by our overall philosophy that a franchise system must be unique to the client and provide measurable results. To help you grow your business, we will take a holistic approach to evaluating your current business operation and existing systems by providing you with a thorough competitive analysis, comprehensive industry report, and specific recommendations for growth strategy. In addition to evaluating your existing franchise system from the perspective of the franchisor, we will evaluate your existing franchisees’ sales, success, and operations to determine what improvements can be made to ensure better replication of your business processes.

Franchise Tracts: Guiding you towards growth

While your primary interest at this point might be just to sell more franchise units, we take a more holistic approach to evaluating your current system. We evaluate and make suggestions based on our four tracts, which include the legal, sales and development, operations, and support tracts.   In partnership with our legal experts, we will make sure that you are in compliance with all legal requirements and assist you in expanding both domestically and internationally as laws vary from state to state and country to country. Our sales and development tract involves working with out sales and marketing team to train our franchisors how to more effectively market and sell their franchise system using a variety of sales outlets and practices.

Our comprehensive operations tract is what truly sets us apart from our competitors. Using information gathered from you, the franchisor, our dedicated team will enhance and improve your training modules and operational deliverables, thus ensuring a more successful replication of your business model. Our support system consists of a secure client intranet portal, an exclusive community center with resources and discussion forums, and ongoing sales and support assistance. As your business continues to grow, this is essential from an organizational and project management perspective

 Franchise Components: The building blocks of your success

After performing an initial evaluation of marketing, operations, training, and staffing systems as well as competitive and financial analyses, we will make recommendations for improved components including any or all of the following:

  • Improvement of referral and lead programs
  • International expansion planning
  • International liaison assistance
  • High-quality franchise information packet
  • Enhanced franchise brochures
  • Improved lead qualification and management
  • Interactive training modules
  • Brand management strategy
  • Lead gathering tools and spreadsheets
  • Sales education and tools
  • Customized email templates
  • Franchisor website and intranet assistance
  • Development of tools within operations system
  • Documentation of daily activities
  • Training compliance forms
  • Online vendor purchase portals
  • Organization chart guidance
  • Targeted lead campaigns
  • SEO optimization
  • Directory listings
  • Press and media recognition
  • Franchise trade show guidance and assistance
  • Management of your franchise sales team
  • Sales feedback reporting
  • Notes on conversations with prospects
  • Lead source comparison
  • Objection handling
  • Weekly franchise sales team coaching
  • Profile gathering
  • One-on-one personal interaction with each franchise sales person
  • Handling FAQs
  • How to close in fewer calls
  • Franchise sales law compliance
  • Franchisor software documentation
  • Franchisee Jumpstart Module
  • Franchisee Operations Module
  • Franchisee Grand Opening Module
  • Franchisee Real Estate Brochure
  • Franchisee Construction Spec/Real Estate Module
  • Franchisee Menu Specs Manual (restaurants only

Franchise Modules: Protecting your brand’s integrity

By now, you are probably realizing how challenging it is to manage multiple franchisees spread out over a large geographic area. In order for your franchise brand to be successful, you must maintain the integrity of your brand, workflow, and operational standards. We will work with you to create comprehensive training modules.   Our training modules, which are interactive in nature, complement our deliverables and ensure that franchisors and franchisees completely immerse themselves in gaining the knowledge needed to successfully operate the franchise system. Each module consists of at least:

  • Compliance documentation (manuals)
  • Workbook
  • Interactive presentation
  • Audio and video files
  • Links to Internet resources
  • Online quizzes and assessments
  • Relevant forms and checklists


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"After meeting with franchise consultant and Upside Group founder, Mario Altiery, I appreciated and valued USG’s emphasis on executing and delivering a high-quality plan in an appealing time frame. Furthermore, USG had a clear understanding of my vision for the future of the company, and will be able to assist us in bringing the AmenZone vision to the world.
Amen Iseghohi, Founder/Owner
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