• Fastest-Growing Franchise Industries

    As the economy begins to recover from the recession of the last decade, franchise businesses are leading the way in small business growth and development. Franchise growth is measured in three ways: establishment growth (how many new locations or business units a franchise opened), employment growth (how many employees they hired), and financial output.

  • How Big Data Helps Franchises

    When we hear the term “Big Data,” we tend to conjure up images of the NSA monitoring our every move from a bunker deep inside the earth. However, the truth is that Big Data, like most inanimate objects in the world, can be used in a positive manner as well. Big Data can especially help franchise businesses with franchise marketing, day-to-day business decision making, and even planning for future expansion and operations.

  • The art of the social media giveaway

    By now, most franchise businesses know the importance of social media. It’s a free franchise marketing technique and also a way to connect with customers, share news, and announce new products and promotions. Many companies also use giveaways as part of their social media strategy and to entice customers to participate on their page.

  • Get Lucky on St. Patrick’s Day with a Franchise Business
    What is the legend of the clover? Probably not what you think...

    All around the world, people are celebrating St. Patrick’s day, either by honoring the saint at a special mass, watching

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