From franchise sales planning to franchise lead scrubbing and screening, tracking, and customer management, our proven franchise consultant and sales management professionals sell franchises, help with franchisee re-sales, and assist entrepreneurs interested in buying a franchise to find one in the industry that fits their professional vision and the potential for franchise profits in their local marketplace. Prospective franchise buyers follow a buying process—so franchisors need to have a selling process that aligns with the buying philosophy of these prospective franchisees.

At Upside Group, we are always on the cutting edge of technology and approach the franchising process from a timely and value-driven perspective. One of the things that differentiates Upside Group from our competitors is our holistic approach to the franchising process. We believe in providing our clients with tangible products or services that directly correlate to their marketing, operations, and training processes. To do this, we have come up with a revolutionary and proprietary franchising system that includes at series of “modules.”

Each of our module series is customized with the franchisor’s specific industry and business goals in mind. Our modules are designed based on careful research and analysis and utilize a variety of tools and methods to immerse the franchisor and franchisees in each stage of the franchising process. Each module contains some combination of the following elements: interactive presentations, reference manuals, written materials and assessments, videos, podcasts, online quizzes, and links to Internet and franchisor intranet resources. The modules are designed in a sequential format meaning that each one builds upon information from the previous one. In the end, they all fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. Our module system is sequential with each module building on the knowledge gained in the previous one. Our careful research and analysis has found that this is how our franchisors and their franchisees obtain the greatest level of understanding of the material within a reasonable timeframe.

Upside Group Franchise Consulting has patented a unique helpful “Franchise my Business” plan designed jump start the process of learning how to franchise your business and walk you through the step by step development with advice that our experience has proven works for all of our clients. Our modules all complement our existing customized services as well as our training, operational, and marketing materials and deliverables. Some of our services include:


Ongoing day-to-day coaching: Our years of franchise experience allow us to guide you through any situation and we can coach you to new heights of franchise success.
Guidance and support consulting in our areas of franchise expertise including strategic planning: Any good franchise business has a well thought out business plan and Upside Group can enhance your current plan or redirect you to a new path of franchise profitability.
Franchisee Relations: The relationship between franchisor and franchisee is complex and Upside Group can show you how to foster a positive relationship that will have satisfy any franchisee.
Franchise Compliance and Law: Every franchise organization needs to know the latest in franchise law and Upside Group’s experts and attorney partners will keep you up to date.
Franchise Documentation: We can help you create all the documentation to franchise your business, using our own streamlined, efficient process.
Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD): Upside Group will give you the knowledge to utilize the FDD for your benefit.
Vendor Relations: Learn how to create mutually beneficial Vendor relationships that will help build your franchise system.
Profit Enhancement: Learn from Upside Group professionals how to incorporate strategies into your franchise system to increase profits.
Customer Service: We will guide you through establishing a service environment focused on customer satisfaction that drives your entire organization.




IQ Testimonials

"After meeting with franchise consultant and Upside Group founder, Mario Altiery, I appreciated and valued USG’s emphasis on executing and delivering a high-quality plan in an appealing time frame. Furthermore, USG had a clear understanding of my vision for the future of the company, and will be able to assist us in bringing the AmenZone vision to the world.
Amen Iseghohi, Founder/Owner
Amenzone Fitness
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