Franchise Sales

As a franchising business consultant, Upside Group understands franchise sales lead generation and screening and has created a system allowing franchisors the peace of mind that every lead will be diligently contacted so they receive the most from their franchise marketing dollars. Franchise Sales Professionals love our screening process because they receive the prospects already “warmed up” and it allows them to spend more time with “buyers”.

Upside Group Franchise Consulting has a professional sales team comprised of experts with extensive knowledge on how to handle candidates reluctant to pay royalties, prospects feeling confined by territory limitations, and any other sales curveballs.

If you are franchising a business for the first time or would like to increase your sales, take advantage of our sales management offerings:

  • Management of your franchise sales team
  • Objection handling
  • Weekly franchise sales team coaching
  • Profile gathering
  • Lead qualification
  • One-on-one personal interaction with each franchise sales person
  • Handling FAQs
  • How to close in fewer calls
  • Franchise sales law compliance

An Upside Group franchising business consultant will be able to help develop, train and manage your franchise sales team and efforts in order to better promote your franchise and ensure the growth of your business.

Upside Group will also provide:

  • Sales Feedback
  • Reporting
  • Notes on conversations with prospects
  • Lead source comparison

IQ Testimonials

"After meeting with franchise consultant and Upside Group founder, Mario Altiery, I appreciated and valued USG’s emphasis on executing and delivering a high-quality plan in an appealing time frame. Furthermore, USG had a clear understanding of my vision for the future of the company, and will be able to assist us in bringing the AmenZone vision to the world.
Amen Iseghohi, Founder/Owner
Amenzone Fitness
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