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Measurable, proven results-that's what sets Upside Group Franchise Consulting apart from other franchise consulting companies in the industry. USG’s sole focus is developing customized solutions based on each individual clients’ goals. Utilizing cutting edge tools, built for today’s franchise market, USG is able to create proactive, highly effective franchise systems and provide franchisor’s with step-by-step blueprints to grow their franchise organizations. Whether you're an early stage company just thinking about franchising your business, have already begun the franchising process, or are a seasoned franchisor, Upside Group can help you grow your business and live up to your maximum potential!

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By now, you have perfected your business model and have created some basic franchise framework.  You may even have had some early success with attracting your first group of franchisees and are realizing you will need assistance to reach the next level. Upside Group understands this stage can be somewhat confusing and time-consuming if you don't have institutional franchise knowledge or the right expert guidance.

One study found that franchisors who work with a franchise consultancy sell their first franchise 80% quicker than those who do not.  

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As you've been operating your franchise system, you've probably realized that a lot of work goes into marketing your franchise, attracting and selling quality new franchise partners, creating franchise operations materials, franchisee support systems, and training new franchisees. And even when successful it can be difficult to be an expert at all aspects of franchising. It often takes an outside eye to help navigate the franchise landscape and offer alternate opportunities for franchise success.

At Upside Group, we have assisted dozens of existing franchisors improve their franchise model and grow their systems with focus on improving royalty revenues, franchisee satisfaction and creating cost effective predictable franchise development systems. Upside Group’s consulting for existing franchisors cover the United States and international franchise expansion.

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